Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yask 18: Zoho


Zoho Writer seems to have great functionality, with a button for pretty much everything on the toolbar. Here are some of the things I like about it:
  • I like the idea templates. For example, the resume or resume cover letter would be great for students to know about.  There is also one for settingo out multiple choice questions, as well as student progress report, or a nutritional tracking sheet for residents of hostels.
  • There are also "style sheets" to use.
  • The forum is like a help desk, with problems being addessed directly to the user.
  • You can digitally sign docs as well.
  • You can add links and anchors in the style of a web page.  So in a way, it is a cross between a word document and a web-page design programme, such as FrontPage.

A very handy tool, and the fact that it is collaborative adds an extra dimension.


Zoho Writer could be used with the Wiki option.  Text could be pasted from Writer to the Wiki or another web page.

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