Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yask 18: Zoho


Zoho Writer seems to have great functionality, with a button for pretty much everything on the toolbar. Here are some of the things I like about it:
  • I like the idea templates. For example, the resume or resume cover letter would be great for students to know about.  There is also one for settingo out multiple choice questions, as well as student progress report, or a nutritional tracking sheet for residents of hostels.
  • There are also "style sheets" to use.
  • The forum is like a help desk, with problems being addessed directly to the user.
  • You can digitally sign docs as well.
  • You can add links and anchors in the style of a web page.  So in a way, it is a cross between a word document and a web-page design programme, such as FrontPage.

A very handy tool, and the fact that it is collaborative adds an extra dimension.


Zoho Writer could be used with the Wiki option.  Text could be pasted from Writer to the Wiki or another web page.

Task 18: Zoho

Well, I successfully published to my blog from Zoho Writer.

I also had a go at Zoho Creator. This application offers fewer design and layout features.

I did try to copy from Writer to Creator, with less success. I will need to play with Creator to determine how flexible it is compared to Writer.

Very good!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Task 17: PBwiki

I really like PBwiki. As I noted in my previous blog (Task 16), I actually set up a PBwiki blog a couple of months ago.

The point of my wiki was to share things I know about Web2.0 applications, and to invite teachers to add to the store of knowledge by posting information about their favourite Web2.o sites and experiences.

The address for my wiki is
As previously invited, please free to critique this wiki, or add to it if you so desire.

I am hoping to add pages about all the things I have learned through doing the 23 things programme.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Task 16: All About Wikis

I looked at each of the wikis recommended for this exercise. The one I got the most out of, much to my surprise, was The Bull Run Library wiki.

This wiki is basically a bulletin board, which is not sponsored by, nor associated with, the Bull Run Library system. It is maintained by one library patron, and provides information about programs at the library, as well as a mish-mash of other information.

One really useful bulletin, however, was about the Web 2.0 Awards . As you would expect, one award category was for wikis. They were rated according to usability, usefulness, social aspects, interface and design, and content quality.

The most recommended wiki hosting sites were as follows:
"Wetpaint’s wikis come fully equipped with smart navigation, tag clouds, awesome editing interfaces and neat customization features."
"Simple and free to use, PBWiki allows users to upload HTML in order to customize their pages."
"A cheap hosted wiki service, Stikipad comes with neat features such as the ability to track changes and easily update content."

The other library wikis included in the exercise were:

St Joseph County Public Library (SJCPL Subject Guides) This wiki brings together all types of information on a specific subject – from the library's collection, webpages, and local help services. It is probably very useful to patrons of the library, but I thought it could get a bit confusing for some people, especially when it links straight to the library catalogue record.

Princeton Public Library - Book Lovers Wiki– This book review site is a great idea for public libraries, but could be adapted for students who could use the wiki to build a useful bibliography of information sources.

Library Success: A best practices wiki. This is a PD page for librarians, covering, not just web 2.o topics, but all aspects of operating a successful library service.

ALA 2006 New Orleans wiki - The best bit about this wiki is that it includes notes about editing the wiki, and ground rules for editing. A great idea since many wiki visitors may be 'newbies'.

Please also check out my own wiki which I started a while ago. I started it so that I could share information about web 2.0 technologies with teachers. Please feel free to critique my efforts.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I "claiming my blog"

Technorati Profile

My thoughts on

After I created a account one of the first tags I searched for was 23things. I was not surprised to find lots of pages with this tag. I also looked at the popular tags. One tag called 'howto' intrigued me. I found a great page with this tag called "25 tutorials for the web minded". This site provides links to commercial as well as free tutorial sites. It also had a tag "tutorials". This tag listed many of the same pages. One good site I found with these tags was would enable librarians across multiple campuses to pool their knowledge about the best sites in a particular subject area. Lists of useful webpages could be compiled collaboratively by a group of librarians, teachers, or students.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

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